Meet Emily Farrell

Abendroth founder Emily Farrell 

Emily’s love of golf

started at a very young age through the encouragement of her parents who had a deep love of the sport. Growing up in the Twin Cities, Emily played on her high school golf team and eventually was a part of the national championship winning team at Methodist University, placing 6th personally in nationals. After college, she worked in marketing and advertising for Titleist both in-house and on the agency side. While she loved supporting marketing campaigns and photoshoots across North America as a marketing producer, she missed the green grass side. After the birth of her first child, she moved on to be a pro at a course in Massachusetts and eventually ended up at White Bear Yacht Club in her home state of Minnesota.

Emily's love of golf started at a young age
"I have dreamed of providing women with golf attire that functions for the course but can travel off course comfortably without feeling the need to change or stand out. I want the everyday woman to feel comfortable going to work, the course, and picking up their child (literally off the ground or in the pickup line at school)."

—Emily Farrell, PGA, Abendroth Golf Founder and CEO


Through close to a lifetime of playing the sport and a decade immersed in it professionally, Emily identified a clear need to do better. She always felt a sense of frustration trying to find golf clothes, especially pants that were professional enough to meet that strong standard of respect to the sport and it’s rules, while at the same time feminene enough to feel good in. As a busy working mom, functionality of everything that the Abendroth line includes is imperative to Emily. She wanted to have something she could wear to work, pick up her kiddos from school, then hit the range. 

Emily working on thew new spring collection


With all those things in mind, Abendroth Golf was born in 2019 with its signature Peggy Pant (the ultimate functional piece from it’s technical fabric, down to it’s five pockets to fit everything you need on the course) and a clear vision to do more to empower women through the sport of golf. Whether it’s through the clothes they wear or the sense of belonging we hope to instill when you wear something from our line. Because we know that the right outfit can set you up for the rest of your day.