About Abendroth Golf

Rooted in decades of experience

Abendroth Golf is twenty years in the making. After far too long wearing women’s golf apparel that was stuffy, rigid and lacked functionality we knew there was a clear opportunity to do better.  The Abendroth brand stands for what we want our customers to feel - empowered. After years of playing collegiate golf, working in marketing and advertising for major golf brands, and working as a Golf Professional, Abendroth founder, Emily Farrell, knew exactly how she wanted to improve the sport she cared so deeply about. She wanted to create women’s golf apparel that would function like it’s male counterparts, but also feminine and stylish enough that you’d want to wear your AG gear off the golf course as well. And more than anything, we want you to feel confident in everything that you do.

We want to empower women through the game of golf and build a community that encourages women to be their best self -- in their careers, their lives as mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.

Khakis and polos are the old-school uniform of golf.

As a Golf Professional, Emily would often hear from her students during lessons that they had wanted to play the sport for a while, but felt like they weren’t sure how to dress to look like they were taking the sport seriously enough to step on the course. But at the same time, they felt like as newbies to the game, they weren’t good enough to wear apparel from major golf brands for fear of looking like an imposter. Abendroth Golf was born to help fix this problem. We want you to feel strong and powerful for exactly who you are – because you are good enough just as you are – and have the confidence to step into the world of golf no matter what your handicap is. We are blazing a trail to create more community in the sport through these principles of empowerment, belonging and a sense of confidence.

Say hello to the new uniform of golf.

You don’t need to be ‘one of the guys’.

We are a woman-owned, woman-run business. We believe in superior performance and high quality products. We are the brand of women who are more than just golfers - we’re wives, moms, friends, professionals, business-owners, shoppers, coffee drinkers and adventure seekers. And with a lot on our plates, we need what we wear to provide function but also provide us confidence to tackle whatever the day has in store for us. We began our mission to improve women’s golf apparel with the launch of our first signature product, the Peggy Pant, in April of 2019.  And we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to share more products with you in 2021 and grow the community of women who connect over the sport we love so dearly. Thanks for taking this journey with us.