What’s In A Name? The Story and Women Behind Abendroth!

Family is the foundation at Abendroth Golf.

Before launching Abendroth, I reflected on the people who inspired me on and off the golf course. I thought about the people who had an impact on the person I have become and the person I want to represent for my daughters, and the next generation. The name, Abendroth, has a personal meaning and profound definition towards the brand we want to be. Peggy and Ruth’s significance to my personal story have inspired and given merit to each product we introduce to our community. 

Learn more about the women behind Abendroth below!


Honor. Strength. Courage. 
Abendroth is was middle name prior to marriage. It was passed down from my Grandmother, Polly Abendroth. Emily Abendroth was an uncommon name and growing up most likely became ‘Emily Chicken-Broth’ when I was in trouble. But over time the name became so much more. The name had ancestral esteem, but more importantly the nobility of the woman who came before me is what makes the meaning of Abendroth Golf so personal. Polly Abendroth (at 93 years old!) continues to gracefully exude strength, courage and willpower each and every day. My grandmother embodies everything we strive to be at Abendroth Golf.

Modern. Chic. Trendy. 
The Peggy Pant was inspired by my sister, Peggy Jackson, who exudes the modern approach to a sophisticated lifestyle. Growing up, I was the mature, wise, older sister and Peggy was my little shadow. She always wanted to be around and do everything I wanted to do. As we grew up and went on our own journeys, the reality is that I now look to her as a role model. I find myself reflecting on how blissfully cool she was in her own way. Her personality draws people in, her delivery is always warm, yet she stays attune to her inner confidence. Today, she exudes this coolness factor in her professional life, and I am so lucky to call her my sister. 

The Peggy Pant is a nod to Peggy's style and a tribute to our sisterhood and friendship. I hope that if you throw on your Peggy Pants you can connect to your inner “Peggy” confidence and let your coolness factor shine. 

The Peggy

The Peggy 2



Vintage. Traditional. Classic.
The Ruth Pant comes from my close golfing friend, Ruth Glarner, who has been an inspiration to my passion for the game. At almost 102 years young, Ruth is still playing and is constantly in the know about the game. 

Growing up, golf for me was male dominated. In the summer months, all of my friends found themselves at the lake, a beach or the pool. I had a hard time finding other girlfriends who would want to hit the range or play nine, until I met Ruth. Ruth broke the mold and showed me that golf could be cool. Even though we were from different generations and we were on different nines of our lives, we instantly became friends because of our love for the game of golf. Ruth always included me and made me feel welcome anytime she found me on the course. No other sport can level the playing field like golf. Golf finds a way to connect you with your playing partners, regardless of age, gender or other interests. 

While Ruth and I are decades apart in age, our spirits seem to align as the best of friends.

The Ruth


As we grow Abendroth Golf, we want to help set the stage for other women and girls to find a sense of community in the game of golf.