The Peggy Pant Featured in Golfweek

Averee Dovsek highlights the features of the Peggy Pant Professional Jogger in the recent Golfweek article, “Abendroth Golf’s ‘Peggy Pant’ suitable for more than just the golf course.” We love that the Peggy Pant can be worn on and off the golf course, but what are the features of the pants that make this fluidity possible? 

A Button. 

One of the elements of the Peggy Pants is a simple button. As stated by Dovsek, “most current athletic pants for women have switched to elastic waistbands or draw strings, but the Peggy Pant has a button closure allowing for a shirt to be properly tucked in, if desired.” This small but important detail provides women with the ability to pair a casual shirt in addition to a golf shirt with their pants making the Peggy Pants a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The Peggy Pant Professional Jogger

Not 1, But 5 Sleek Pockets. 

As pointed out by Dovsek, it is challenging to find a pair of women’s golf pants with a single functional pocket. The Peggy Pants has not one, but five pockets. To a golfer, that sounds like a dream! But what makes it even better, is that these pockets are sleek, even with a pocket big enough for a scorecard or cell phone (or both during a round). 

A Tapered Leg.

“The tapered fit makes these pants suitable for a variety of heights.” Dovsek, at 5-foot-10 shared that she often struggles to find a pair of golf pants that fit well. The tapered design of the Peggy Pant look as flattering on someone who is 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-10. 

The Peggy Pant Olive Green

The Peggy Pant retails at $136 and is available in four colors: Midnight Black, Olive Green, Navy Blazer, and Storm Grey. To make the Peggy Pants a staple in your wardrobe, click here to order.