Abendroth Golf and The Peggy Pant Featured in American Golfer

Abendroth Golf Launches Trendy New Golf Pant for Women Professional Joggers Fit for Women and Functional for Golf

(Boston, Mass.) – Is there a missing link in women’s golf fashion? PGA Professional Emily Farrell thinks so. Farrell, an assistant golf professional at a prominent northeastern golf club, has created a line of comfortably fitting, trendy joggers for women golfers. The company’s signature product is called the “Peggy Pant.”

“My goal is to transform the way women dress on and off the golf course. The Peggy Pant is femininely cut, high-waisted with premium performance materials that include four-way stretch, water resistant and sweat wicking, and comfortably worn for any type of weather.”

The slacks are specifically designed for golfers, including four pockets big enough for a scorecard and other golf essentials, plus a hidden side zipper pocket for a phone or small valuables.

Abendroth Golf’s founder spent eight years searching for professional apparel to wear on and off the course. Falling short on the basics, Farrell decided to launch her own line to improve women’s golf apparel offerings.

The Peggy Pant will be offered in navy and grey and is reasonably priced at $128 retail. The pants will be sold online and in golf shops around the country starting in March 2020. Discounted pre-sales are available online through Kickstarter now until October 30.