Spring Launch I A Time of Growth, Flourishment and Change


Spring is here and we are so excited to launch our new seasonal colors! Take a peak into the story behind the launch, new upgrades and product enhancements and updates on our founder, Emily Farrell.
As I reflect on our ‘23 spring/summer launch, I think of the initial design and development phase.  I was pregnant with our third child, at the beginning of a cold Minnesota winter. Abendroth was in the finishing stages of selecting new partners to enhance our product lineup. Going into our 4th launch, my focus was on new growth, flourishment and change. These pillars not only speak to the new color selections, but also define our 2023 intentions as a brand, and resonate with the season I am in personally.  
The most significant (and our favorite!) technical enhancement in the spring launch offers more flexibility in the waistband. We’ve added a sleek elastane band for high-quality comfort, mobility and support. Additional upgrades include new trims, cleaner finishing, and even more color options. The Peggy Pant will be offered in bright tones of Cherry Blossom and Baltic Blue. Peggy Cropped will be available in a warm Butter Cup and Storm Grey (a fan favorite, back from our very first launch in 2020)! The Ruth Pant is coming with a color option of Gingerbread, which will pair nicely with core colors and springy pinks, blues and purples. Lastly, we are excited to have khaki joining our black and navy as a core color and offered in all three styles! 
From a business perspective, we’ve continued to open doors into new wholesale partnerships with golf clubs nationally. We’re excited to be in over 100 shops and look forward to continuing to find partners who are just as excited about Women’s golf pants as we are. :) We’re in a season of new development, testing, and sampling, as we look to expand our product offering soon!
On the verge of launch, I welcomed my third child on March 18th. When welcoming another family member, there is always an uncomfortable time of change. Change to your body, change to your family dynamics and change to your routine. I found myself reflecting on what this change would bring to me as a full-time working mom. Would I be able to navigate a business successfully, while balancing my role as a wife and mother to two other kids? While there are many days of exhaustion and fatigue, as I reach each personal and professional plateau I can reflect on how going out of my comfort zone and working hard for things that matter, lead to growth. This growth makes me a better person to the core, a stronger mom, and a more valuable employee. 
We are beyond excited for our spring collection to launch and we would love to hear from you: How are you growing, changing, and flourishing at the start of this new season? We look forward to your feedback on the new products and seeing you wear your favorite golf pants on and off the course!