Golf Digest Features Abendroth Golf’s Peggy Pants

Peggy Pants featured on Golf Digest

We couldn’t have described our reason for existing better ourselves: “After years of working at high-end golf clubs that required teaching professionals to wear golf pants or skirts, Emily Farrell was fed up choosing between uncomfortable and unflattering options that were not suited for running around a golf course. So Farrell decided to design a pair of golf pants for women like her who needed a pair of pants that would be comfortable enough to wear all day, professional-looking for the office and athletic enough to wear playing golf or chasing her 2-year-old son around the house.” 

During Abendroth Golf's September launch of the new Peggy Pant, Brittany Romano, Associate Editor of Golf Digest, interviewed Emily about the previously sold out Peggy Pants. 

In the interview, Emily describes the story behind the Peggy Pants and the Abendroth Golf brand. After years of working in the golf industry and playing golf herself, she had not found a pair of pants that were comfortable, feminine, had a pocket big enough for a scorecard but were also functional for the office and at home. Sure, that’s a lot to ask, but shouldn’t we be asking for that?

As shared by Brittany Romano, that is exactly what the Peggy Pants accomplish. In 2019, Emily hired a team to help design the pant, found the highest quality materials, sampled and tested many iterations. One year later, during the beginning of COVID-19, Abendroth Golf launched their first pair of Peggy Pants and sold out within the first three weeks. 

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