From Hiking Trails to the Golf Course, this Mom Rocks her Peggy Pants


Meet Jill!

Jill is a mom of two, grandmother to one with another on the way. She is a hiker, work-from-home mom, and frequent golfer.  Her family gifted Jill her first set of golf clubs years ago for Mother's Day so the entire family could go and play together. 

Read below to learn more about Peggy Pant customers, Jill!  

  • Question: What is your favorite part about golf?
    “I just love the social aspect of it. I believe that you don’t have to be good at golf to play, you just have to try.” 

  • Question: How have you seen female golf attire change over the years?
    “It’s gotten much cuter over the years. When my daughter played golf in high school the girls wore black pants we would purchase from a non-golf retailer, like Express. We would look for a pair of black pants that didn’t look too work-like but also weren’t too formal so she could wear them on the golf course. You really had to look to find something. So either [my daughter and the girls on her golf team] wore a black skort or black pants that would work on the golf course.” 

  • Question: How have you been wearing your Peggy Pants?
    "Since I received the Peggy Pants, I’ve been wearing them all the time. For example, I’m going golfing this afternoon but this morning I went to the nursery so I just put on a pair of sneakers and went straight from the nursery to the golf course. I didn’t need to bring a change of clothes or even a purse to go shopping. I was able to keep my credit card and everything I needed to go shopping in the pants. The pockets and extra storage is so nice to have!" 

  • Question: What features do you like about the Peggy Pants? 
    "I love the zips on the side and that they are versatile. I love that I can put them on with a sweater or a golf shirt. I have worn them hiking because they are wind-proof. In fact, the other day and I was going to wear leggings to go hiking but it was a little cold so I just wore my Peggy Pants. Right now I work from home so it’s nice to put something on that I can work from home in and be comfortable and keep them on for the whole day."

  • Question: What is your typical go-to attire for golfing? 
    "If I’m going to be on the golf course or on a hike I’m not going to wear something that is going to stick out. I like that grey and blue are neutral colors and more subdued. I’m a 60-year-old grandma - I don’t want to be bright and flashy. What I wear changes with the season. This time of year when it’s a little cool out I usually wear chinos. But you really can’t put a golf ball in your pocket because the ball forms to the fabric so it looks and feels funny after you take the golf ball out. When I wear the Peggy Pants and put a golf ball in the pockets, the pockets and material don’t mold to the golf ball and when I take the golf ball out the material goes back to normal."


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