Abendroth Golf Launches on Kickstarter.

 Abendroth Golf Launches Trendy New Golf Pant for Women.

The Story. 
As a female PGA Professional, working in a male dominated industry, there has always been pressure to stand out. Whether it was intentional or not, the spotlight is on. Women in golf have three different looks; you're either dressed in very athletic outfits, very golf specific apparel or you're wearing your grandma's boxy (not-fit-for-female), wrinkled skirts.

I have been working in the golf industry for almost ten years (both corporate and private clubs) and there has to be a better way for female golfers to dress on and off the course! Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great brands out there doing their thing; but I am focused on creating pants that look professional, fit femininely and function on and off the course.  
With that, we designed a professional structured jogger called the “Peggy Pant” in hopes to transform the way Women can dress on and off the course. The Peggy Pants are femininely cut high-waisted with premium performance materials that include four-way stretch, are water resistant and sweat wicking, and comfortably worn for any type of weather.  

What's the big deal about these pants?

Here's a quick peak at what we're working on... 

        ↳ 4-way stretch, sweat wicking
        ↳ Performance material
        ↳ Jogger fit
        ↳ High waisted with belt loops
        ↳ Tailored with side zippers to adjust tightness at ankles
        ↳ 5-pockets, including hidden zipper pocket for iPhone (fits 8 Plus, iPhone X)

I decided to launch my own line in hopes to improve the status of Women’s golf apparel. Products designed by our team have a vision in mind to make pieces that function for the course, but can travel off course comfortably without feeling the need to change or stand out. 

For more information, follow us on our journey through Kickstarter or on our IG Account. ♥

- Emily Farrell, Founder and CEO