A Holiday Message from Emily Farrell

First and foremost, I hope this note finds you, your families, and communities safe and healthy.  2020 has been a year of rolling with the punches, adapting when we can and finding solutions to better ourselves - whether it’s juggling kiddos at home while working full-time or finding new ways to connect with loved ones, I have been in awe of the resilient nature of humanity.  We have taken an incredibly challenging year and used it as a catalyst to create and reimagine so many elements of our previously normal lives. For me personally, I've seen family members reinvent themselves in their careers, small businesses creatively pivot and golf courses modernize their processes to stay open. I feel like this year more than ever, there is this inner fire that has pushed people to pave a new path. I didn't always want to be an entrepreneur and I had no intent to start an apparel company in one of the most transformational moments in my lifetime. In a time that is so uncertain and extremely overwhelming, what kept me moving forward was a deep conviction that there is a need, now more than ever, to create a sense of community for women in golf. 


Golf has been a part of me since I was a little girl. I started playing with my dad and family, played throughout high school and ultimately on a National Championship winning collegiate team. For me, I always felt there was a sense of community around the game. However, that community was always male-dominated and at times, very intimidating as a female golfer. 

As a PGA Teaching Professional, I have had many conversations with my female students about feeling like they weren't "good enough" or didn't "feel comfortable" participating in the sport. There are so many community-based golf brands that are doing amazing things to create a small society in the game, yet for some reason, women do not feel like they can participate in any of those movements. 

As a brand, Abendroth Golf has continued to build its momentum since launching in April. From the Kickstarter campaign to the release of the Peggy Pant, you have helped shape a sisterhood and raised your hand in helping build a better community for women to feel comfortable to participate in the game of golf. Thanks to you and your support, we’re finishing 2020 with the Peggy Pant available in twenty golf shops across the country and sold through our entire first run within weeks of launching. We secured recognition from LPGA and Symetra Tour players, the USGA, collegiate golfers, new-to-the-game golfers and non-golfers. Your purchases and especially your genuine referrals to friends and family have helped grow this business from the ground up. We are extremely grateful and humbled that you recognize the need to create the change we hope to see and are open to creating a movement with me. 

As we look toward 2021, it’s with renewed clarity and dedication to deepen the sense of community for women to participate in the game. We're focused on offering products that make women feel more comfortable and confident and we will continue to deliver options that are practical and functional for everyday use. 

And we’re thrilled for you to be the first to know… a new cropped trouser, the Ruth, will join our line this spring and will complement the Peggy Pant perfectly. While we have a vision to grow substantially into 2022, our focus will be on driving community-based opportunities that give women the tools they need to feel ready for the course. 

I am incredibly proud and grateful for the kinship we've created together. Thank you for supporting Abendroth Golf from the beginning. There is so much more in store for Abendroth Golf and I look forward to shining even brighter together in 2021. 

All my love,